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*NOTICE* of i didn't list you, please tell me. I haven't been here a long time, so eeeee, forgive me ^^;

:iconsmallbluething: --> favorite character is lord flashheart and quote is flashheart from 'blackadder goes forth' - "well any lass who wants to tie herself to my railings and suffer a jet movement gets my vote - WOOF!"


:iconsosiak: --> my dad is a writer and he works at disney's and he translated Blackadder from english to polish in Poland

:iconkaish: --> the best character has to be lord flash......soooo goood
fave quote:
lord flash: i dont wear underpants-ask me why?
group: why dont you wear underpants lord flash?
lard flash: because a pair hasnt been made that'll take the job on- WOOF!


:iconarbeeroro: --> My favourite characters are george and Edmund  One of my favourite qoutes (although there's so many good one liners in it's hard to choose between them xD) is:
George: Tally-ho pip-pip and Bernard's your uncle.
Blackadder: In English we say, "Good Morning".

My favourite series is 'Blackadder goes forth' even though the last episode makes me cry!


:iconpixy-brand:  --> "Percy, in the end, you are about as much use to me as hole in the head, an affliction with which you must be familiar, never having had a brain."

My fav quote! Saddly it's covered by a trumpet fanfare and a laugh track!

:iconspazzymcmazzy: --> Fav quote is from 'Blackadder back and forth' "This is for every schoolchild in the next 500 years!" *punches Shakespeare*

:iconmindofka: --> Lord Melchett: Gray, I suspect, your Majesty.
Queen Elizabeth: I think you'll find they were orange, Lord Melchett.
Lord Melchett: Gray is more usual, Ma'am.
Queen Elizabeth: Who's Queen?
Lord Melchett: As you say, Majesty. There were these magnificent orange elephants...

:icondrunkill: --> "'Any history of insanity in your family?' lets just cross out the 'in'... Any history of sanity in your family? None what so ever..."

:icontsukikorain: --> Favourite character is Queen Elizabeth, and my favourite quote... Well, it's not so much a quote as it is a scene. It's when Percy discovered green...

:iconcrazy-bananna: --> "And there where these big grey.." "orange." "I'll think you'lll find they where grey m'lady." "Who's Queen?"
"... ... And there where these big Orange elephants."

I love Queenie and I'd love to join your club!

:iconleaf-lover: --> My fav character is Baldrick and my fav quote (and one which I find comes in handy! ) is "I have a cunning plan"

:iconhpets: --> favourite quote:
"Thank you, young crone. Here is a purse of moneys... which I'm not going to give to you." [Blackadder]

favourite character:
Edmund Blackadder of course!

favourite series:
Difficult choice... but my favourite is probably "Blackadder Goes Forth."

:iconvanderdecken: --> fave quote/character/series:

Many millions (I've got the Whole Damn Dynasty, y'see)/probably Melchy or Ludwig/4 or 2. This is a repost of my front page comment, now that I've seen the notice, so:

Can I offer you my most enthusiastic contrafibularatories, say that I am anaspeptic, phrasmotic, even compuctious as to offer you my most heartfelt periconbobulations. (And I did that without reaching for my Whole Damn Dynasty, which I also own. Yes, I have a wierd, almost encyclopaedic knowledge of Blackadder, for some scenes I can even remember the exact emphasis on each syllable of the word. Interesting since I haven't watched (but have read) any of the first series, or any of the fourth except Captain Cook and Goodyeee. Yes, I agree I'm not normal). If you allow me to join your wonderful society, I will happily return... interphrastically

:iconliampower: --> I've got a plan and its as hot, as my pants!

:iconinka-inka: --> "Thank you, young crone! Here is a purse of monies. [holds out purse] Which I'm not going to give to you. [leaves]"
:+fav: Baldrick.

:iconcinnamon-puppet: "You are going to die, fat pig."
:+fav: All.

:iconnebrakaneizzar: --> The voter brutally cut his head off while shaving

:iconmighty-quinn: --> (unable to choose)
:+fav: George.

:icontherealmorticon: --> You mustn't judge people from outward appearance. Strip away the outer layers of a fat git and inside you might find a...THIN GIT!!

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